How to book onto a pole fitness course in Leeds

How to book onto a Pole Fitness Course in Leeds


Pole Fitness courses are for ladies 18 - 60 years plus, suitable for all shapes, sizes, abilities and fitness levels.


It's £40 for the 4 week course, £50 for a 5 week course (please check on the website for details of dates, times, prices, locations and how long the course is for).


Places are strictly limited to ensure plenty of turns on the poles, therefore advanced booking and payment is required to secure your place. Places are filled on a first come first served basis, and tend to fill up fast. Do not just turn up without prior booking and payment as you wont be able to join in. 


The Venue:

The full address of where the course is held is:

The Dance Studio Leeds

Mabgate Mills




The main entrance is on Macaulay Street next to where the road meets Lincoln Green Road.

Access to the complex is down a rampy and into the car park. We are on the left hand side as you drive in.

More info on how to find the studio, and parking etc is available here:



How to book: - Make sure you have read all the info below before booking. By booking and making your payment you agree to the t&cs stated below


To book and pay for your course you can make prior arrangements to drop off the payment with myself or one of my instructors (either cash or cheque). Do not leave your payment with anyone else other than a pole fitness instructor.

Once I have received your payment I can confirm your place on the course.

We are at the Dance Studio Leeds and able to take your booking at the following days and times: Monday 7:20pm, or 8:30pm or 9:30pm; Wednesday 7:20pm or 8:30pm, or Thursday 7:20pm or 8:30pm and can take your payment and book you on then. Please note you need to book and pay at the above times, other times we will be teaching classes and unable to take your booking. So if you don't arrive at the times stated above you'll either have to wait until the next available time or come back on another day. Any questions please let me know.


Please read the important notes below before booking on. It does sound very formal, however our classes are heaps of fun, we get the formal serious stuff out of the way now, and enjoy the classes.



Important: Places are filled on a first come first served basis, and fill up fast, early booking is highly recommended.


Please read the important notes below before booking on. It does sound very formal, however our classes are heaps of fun, we get the formal serious stuff out of the way now, and enjoy the classes.


Important Notes before booking:

·      Please note it's a place on the course that you are booking onto. Please check you can attend the full course before booking on. It doesn't matter if you miss any lessons we will help you to catch up. But please note there are no refunds for any missed classes, no scope to swop classes or courses once you've booked on, or to defer a course or to roll a course over. Places are very limited and someone else could have your place instead. 


·         Once you have paid and booked onto the course we are not able to move or swap you onto another course so please ensure you book onto the one that is the correct level for you and is at a time that you can attend the classes.


·         Any medical conditions or injuries should be addressed before booking onto the class to ensure you will receive the full benefits of the classes due to the physical nature of this exercise.


·         Pregnant ladies or ladies that have very recently had a baby are not able to take part in the pole fitness classes as it is not safe.


·         ALL jewelry, including rings, watches, bracelets, wrist bands, ankle bands, piercings, belly button piercings etc must be removed before the start of each class. You will not be allowed to participate in the class if you do not remove your jewelry.


·         No jewellery or clothing that may damage or scratch the poles is allowed to be worn in class. No shorts or trousers with a buckle can be worn.


·         No creams, oils, lotions, fake tans etc are allowed to be worn in class. You will not be allowed to participate in the class if you are wearing any of these. Please do not moisturise on the day of the class as this makes the poles very slippy.


·         Anybody who is poorly will not be allowed to attend the class and will be sent home due to health and safety reasons.


·         You must arrive at least 10 minutes before the class, and be ready to start on time. If you are late you wont be allowed to participate in the class due to health and safety (there will also be no refunds or transferring onto another class because you missed your scheduled class due to tardiness).


·         The most important thing to remember is a positive, happy, can-do, willing to try attitude. 100% effort always equals full victory.


How many people in a class?

Numbers vary from course to course. We can have anywhere from about 6 - 15 people in a class. We have 4 - 6 static poles up in the studio. With a ratio of 2 - 3 students per pole. And 1 to 2 instructors per class.


What should I wear?

You will need to wear comfortable gym style clothing (with a pair of trainers for the warm up) the class is done in bare feet. A comfortable top which you can move in. Shorts are ideal for your bottom half, please don't wear denim shorts or shorts with a zip or buckle. If you are nervous about wearing shorts, then you can always wear trousers and then roll them up if you need to. Please kindly note, it is important that you do not have any moisturisers, creams, lotions on your hands, arms, legs or body, as these make the pole slippery and can be dangerous. Please remember to bring water to keep you hydrated and your own hand towel.


What do I learn?

The class starts off with an aerobic style warm-up. The warm-up is the most important part of the classes and ensures the reduced likely hood of getting injured. Therefore you MUST be on time for the class. If you're late you wont be allowed to participate in the class. Once the warm-up is done we'll move onto the poles. You'll learn spins, holds, poses, moves on the pole, forming a unique and effective workout. We then finish with a stretch and warm down. Once you have completed 1 course with us you can carry on learning and progressing with us by signing up to the next course, and so on. You can see on our website, and facebook page some of the cool moves you can learn with us. How much you achieve, and how quickly depends on your own ability, and how much effort you put in. We do try to work at everyone's own pace and level, but you must remember the classes are group classes, and therefore we work with the average level and pace of the students in the class.



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We look forwards to you joining us